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Vedic Sandal røkelsepinner hexagon package - G.R


Vedic Sandal røkelsepinner hexagon package - G.R 

GR Vedic Sandal Hexa Incense Stick


Ca 20 gram

    Vedic Sandal , Comfort yourself with fragrance of your choice with GR incense sticks from our exclusive collection. These incense sticks are made with selective ingredients form all over India. Pure Herbs and exotic flowers makes these sticks unique. It appease your surroundings, either it is at home or an office. Its exotic fragrance helps in concentrating during spiritual practices. It is so much effective that you just have to feel the presence of these incense sticks before moving from your place and it will make your entire day.

    GR incense is known worldwide for its exclusive scents. GR has an unmatched range for every vote. A feast of exotic aromas, if you need something special to pamper your senses. Each stick is rolled by hand and lovingly packaged in beautiful packages. They are suitable as a very thoughtful gift for true lovers of incense.
        > Incense Inda Agarbatti Hexagram G.R.


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