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Vice Versa Tarot Kit - Massimiliano Filadoro & Lunaea Weatherst


Vice Versa Tarot Kit - Massimiliano Filadoro & Lunaea Weatherst

The Vice-Versa Tarot is a unusual and creative double-sided 156-card exploration of tarot. The front of the cards have the normal 78 Rider-Waite based tarot scenes, while the backs of the cards show the reverse view, or a different perspective on the scene.


An extremely creative and unique deck, the Vice Versa Tarot features art on both sides of the card, one side showing the front view and one side the back view. Like the two sides of a coin, the Vice Versa Tarot gives perspective and flow, capturing the energy of day and night, action and understanding.

78 full colour cards and 160 page, full colour guidebook

 137 x 206 x 51mm

About the Author

Lo Scarabeo's Tarot decks have been acclaimed all over the world for originality and quality. With the best Italian and international artists, each Lo Scarabeo deck is an exceptional artistic value.

Commited to developing innovative new decks while preserving the rich tradition of Tarot, Lo Scarabeo continues to be a favorite among collectors and readers.


Lunaea Weatherstone (Portland, Oregon) is a priestess, writer, teacher, and tarot counselor who has been serving the Pagan community for more than twenty-five years, since her days as owner/editor of SageWoman magazine. As Grove Mother for the Sisterhood of the Silver Branch, she offers year-long programs in goddess spirituality. Lunaea has been working with the tarot for more than forty years. 


The Vice Versa Tarot is a double-sided deck. Every card has artwork on

both sides, one showing the card on its front and one showing the card from

the back. Like two faces of a concept or two sides of a coin, the Vice Versa Tarot

expresses the meaning and symbols of each Arcana not as a snapshot paralyzed

in time, but as a three-dimensional whole, flowing from day to night, from action

to understanding... from front to back. Artwork by artist Davide Corsi (Ghost,

Vampire of the Eternal Night Tarot). Italian scholar Massimiliano Filadoro

weaved the symbols between the front and the back, creating a full range of

support for intuitive reading and Tarot study.



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