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Wish Pearl Angel- Ønskeperle Engel


Wish Pearl Angel- Ønskeperle Engel

En fin og spennende gave. Ønsk deg noe og åpne opp esken med muslingen i. Ta forsiktig ut perlen fra muslingen. Løsne deretter kjede fra perleburet slik at det kan åpnes og putt perlen inni den. Perleburet og kjede er laget av sølvfarget metall.


There need not be any specific occasion to give someone you love a gift and this beautiful Pearl Giftset 
is ideal for the spiritually minded wearer.

Discover a beautiful gift from the ocean with this Love Pearl Gift Set. This gift set contains a beautiful pearl, pristine within its shell and ocean water. As you extract the pearl you can make a special wish and create a unique piece of jewellery by placing it in the silver pendant provided.

It is traditional to wish on pearls and they are believed to have a unique pure energy to make wishes come true. Wish pearls are beautiful jewels that appear from nowhere and they are associated with the wonder of creation. Discover this pearl for yourself or give this experience to someone special.

Pearl Gift Set Contains:
Clam containing wishing pearl, sealed in can of seawater
Pendant for the pearl and a chain

The interactive aspect of opening your own oyster shell and removing YOUR pearl, making a wish and then wearing it on the lovely pendant, it's the perfect, inexpensive jewellery gift. 

Step One

Make a wish and open the sealed can.

Step Two

Carefully cut open the clam and take out the pearl.

Step Three

Remove the pendant from the chain.

Step Four

Place the pearl within the pendant and place back onto chain.


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