Vakre karafler og glass med Flower of life

Nature's Design - The power of form


Produkter designet etter naturens og geometriens form i DET GYLNE SNITT og THE FLOWER OF LIFE gir oss med sin skjønnhet og harmoniserende virkning daglige gleder - «THE POWER OF FORM». 
Alladin karaffel og øvrige glass- og porselensprodukter fra Nature's Design vitaliserer all mat og drikke på 3 minutter. For deg innebærer dette mer smak og aroma samt fornyet livskraft på din mat og drikke. 
Produktene blir til etter gamle håndtverkstradisjoner, fritt for bly og tungmetaller. All produksjon i Europa under god miljø og økoprofil.

Nature’s Design carafes have been designed using the principles of the Golden Ratio. The shape of the glass is inspired specifically by the ratio of the Fibbonaci Sequence: a manifestation of sound translated into physical form. This ratio is found throughout the natural world – also known as Sacred Geometry .

The form of Nature’s Design carafes with its 6-wave structure mirrors the crystallisation of revitalised water, which exhibits a 6-fold structure when in its pure state and therefore holds a high degree of vitality. The environment within the carafe generates waves of harmonic resonance that revitalises water molecules and other liquids and energises the surrounding environment. Laboratory analysis with water confirms this effect 

When you put your carafe in a prominent position in a room, and preferably out of direct sunlight, the silent vibration emitted by the glassware enlivens the atmosphere in the room. Imperceptible to humans, the glassware resonates to different notes: the ALLADIN FAMILY carafe is tuned to the sound frequency of the note C, whereas the ALLADIN and DELICATE carafes resonate to the sound frequency of the note F.

Beautiful to behold and use, Nature’s Design carafes are unique, functional pieces that can be admired in any setting


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