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Alterduk Livets Blomst og Livets Tre - Altar Cloth Flower of Lif


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Alterduk Livets Blomst og Livets Tre - Altar Cloth Flower of Life

Cotton Altar cloth 24"x24"  with Flower of Life and Kabbalah Tree of Life

Measurements 60x60 cm
Material Cotton

Hellig geometri alterduk som f.eks kan brukes til tarotlegging, som crystal grid eller veggteppe i tillegg til å være en alterduk

Black Cloth with Gold and Silver Printing with Fringes

The black background keeps your space free from negativity, while the gold accents draw energy into the silver pentacle.

Channel your magic in safety and style with this stunning piece.

Altar cloths are meant to protect your altar tools, give you a space to work your magic, and help ground and shield you.


There are so many rituals as there are people. Those who use tarot cards are familiar with altar cloths. We sell various thematic or blank rugs to emphasize your ceremony. From generation to generation, rituals and ceremonies are handed over to find past, present and future. Whether you want to decorate a small personal altar or sacrifice space in the home or gather a group of people to attend ceremonies and rituals: an altar cloth or tapestry is an indispensable attribute.

Tree of Life altar cloth

A beautiful altar cloth dipped in spiritual colors and finished with graceful patterns.This gives the whole a sensual glow. The tree of life is the finishing touch: it represents the center of the universe and the four directions around which everything evolves. She symbolizes life itself and with its roots in the ground and branches that reach to heaven it functions as a mediator between gods and people.The Tree of Life is the universal concept that represents how life that is grounded in the soil grows towards the light. It can be found in many different cultures and forms.It's a real eye catcher as an interior decoration.

During rituals, the earthly is connected to the divine. You can gather different elements, for example representing earth, air, water and fire on an altar. What an altar makes such a special part of a ritual? An altar remains in use for months, years or even a whole lifetime and grows in strength with the attention and respect that you give it. Users establish an altar location for their home, but also for a specific event such as a pregnancy or illness / health.

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