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Alterduk med bokstaver - Altar Cloth Ouija Board


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Alterduk med bokstaver - Altar Cloth Ouija Board

Cotton Altar cloth 24"x24" Ouija Board Altar Cloth

Measurements 60x60 cm
Material Cotton

Flott alterduk som f.eks kan brukes til tarotlegging, som crystal grid, som spådomsbrett/Ouija Board eller veggteppe i tillegg til å være en alterduk


Discover a realm of true communication with the energies and spirits all around you with this Ouija Board Altar cloth, designed to aid your pendulum work, divination, and dowsing. The cloth is a compact and portable alternative the traditional Ouija board. Whether you call it a spirit board, oracle board, or witch board—this arrangement of letters and numbers is a very traditional way to spell out messages from the other side.
Design is printed in gold metallic ink on sturdy cotton canvas. Perfect for an old-fashioned séance—or just to enhance your witchy décor.

Material: 100% cotton with metallic paint

Altar cloths are meant to protect your altar tools, give you a space to work your magic, and help ground and shield you.

There are so many rituals as there are people. Those who use tarot cards are familiar with altar cloths. We sell various thematic or blank rugs to emphasize your ceremony. From generation to generation, rituals and ceremonies are handed over to find past, present and future. Whether you want to decorate a small personal altar or sacrifice space in the home or gather a group of people to attend ceremonies and rituals: an altar cloth or tapestry is an indispensable attribute.


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