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Alterduk Stjernetegn - Horoskop


Alterduk Stjernetegn - Horoskop

Star Sign Horoscope Altar Cloth 70x70cm

Flott alterduk som f.eks kan brukes til tarotlegging, som crystal grid, som spådomsbrett/Ouija Board eller veggteppe i tillegg til å være en alterduk

The altar is an important place for many spiritual people. This is especially true for witches. The altar is a sacred place where you perform various rituals. With this cloth you can turn your altar into a personal place. The design of the altar cloth shows the twelve constellations, with the sun in the middle.

Zodiac signs and spirituality

Constellations have traditionally been the names of groups of stars that we see in the sky. By naming these groups of stars, people like the ancient Greeks mapped the universe.

In total there are 88 constellations. The twelve most famous of these are the signs of the zodiac. On this altar cloth you can see these twelve constellations: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Lion, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius.

The teaching that deals with constellations, among other things, is called astrology. Many witches and spiritual people pay attention to this.


Altar cloth wicca; tips

You can see an altar as your personal place of honor where you burn incense and candles. It is a place where you reflect on all kinds of events and persons: think of the seasons, yourself, the Goddess, and your ancestors.

There are no rules for what a (witch) altar should look like: it is important that it shows who you are. It is important to take good care of the place: an altar is a tidy place where all your spirituality comes together.

An altar cloth helps create a personal altar. This altar cloth with the constellations is a perfect fit for practitioners of astrology.

Altar cloths are meant to protect your altar tools, give you a space to work your magic, and help ground and shield you.

There are so many rituals as there are people. Those who use tarot cards are familiar with altar cloths. We sell various thematic or blank rugs to emphasize your ceremony. From generation to generation, rituals and ceremonies are handed over to find past, present and future. Whether you want to decorate a small personal altar or sacrifice space in the home or gather a group of people to attend ceremonies and rituals: an altar cloth or tapestry is an indispensable attribute.


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