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Angel of Happiness anheng


Angel of Happiness anheng

Gentle little silver angels
Silver angels with zirconia.
Gentle and delicate - almost ethereal, these little angels accompany us through
the ups and downs of our daily lives.
The little angels have an approximate
height of 20 mm.

All our jewellery is made of 925 silver if not
marked otherwise.


Gentle angels

Angels serve as messengers between our
world and the worlds beyond, and are also our helpers. They support us in
communicating with the higher, spiritual spheres, and help in solidifying and
keeping this connection. In many life situations they can give us strength,
providing a bit of needed boost. Angels never get tired of standing by our side,
and helping us on our way.

An angel amulet or pendant helps remind us
that we are in the presence of these illuminating helpers, and of the fact that
we are never alone.


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