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Angel Wing Double Anheng (Sterling Silver)


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Angel Wing Double Anheng (Sterling Silver)

Dimensions: Total height of wings plus the bale is about 1 inch (2.5 cm.)
Weight: Approx 2.3 grams

Angel wings pendant with detailing on the feathers. One wing folds over the other.The back of these pendants are not patterned. 
This pendant does not come with a chain.

Angels -
Angels are believed to be angelic creatures that represent God in a worldly form. They are pure, full of love and non-judgemental and can help provide reassurance and support in times of need.

Peter Stone Jewellery -
Holistic Trader Ltd is the Exclusive UK Distributor for the Peter Stone Company. We also distribute their jewellery to Europe. Although we have many of their items in stock we can order any of their range in for you. We use the Peter Stone Jewellery UK price list. 

Peter Stone Jewellery purchases raw silver and produces their own true .925 sterling silver alloy in their own factory. All rings are cast to size and craftsmen cut and inlay each stone for a perfect fit. Every piece of jewellery created is hand polished not tumble polished.



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