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Angel Wing Pendant (Nebula)


Angel Wing Pendant


Meticulously crafted from fine Nebula - which is Nickel and Lead free as well as Hypoallergenic - the Nebula Angel Wings Pendant is a beautiful and affordable celebration of angelic beauty that will be cherished for years to come.

Peter Stone's exclusive Nebula Collection is a value-priced alternative to silver for the cost-conscious consumer. This patented new semi-precious metal is created to meet Peter Stone's high quality standards and each piece of the Nebula Collection is crafted with the same attention to detail as their silver jewellery line.

Nebula Jewellery

With the same highly-polished look as Sterling Silver, but at a considerably lower cost, Nebula helps to make Peter Stone's stunning designs more affordable and just as inspiring!

How it's Crafted

Nebula is a tin based semi-precious metal alloyed with other non-toxic metals, such as zinc, for incredible strength and luster. Nebula is nickel and lead free as well as hypo-allergenic. Each batch of molten metal is also blessed by 9 Thai Monks and charged with two key crystals. Earring hooks are made of sterling silver.



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