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Angel Workshop - Jacky Newcomb


Angel Workshop - Jacky Newcomb

Angel expert and best selling author Jacky Newcomb presents this special workshop CD which enables you to learn more about the angels in your own home. The workshop CD is perfect to work through alone or with friends. You can play it a little at a time or play the whole CD through as many times as you wish.

The CD includes 4 separate meditations which are perfect for both beginners and those with more experience. Angels teachers will find the CD useful for working with their own groups.

Jacky Newcomb is an angel teacher and runs workshops all over the UK. She has written for many of the UK’s leading holistic and paranormal magazines (including Vision, and Fate and Fortune, and runs a column (‘Dear Angel Lady’) for CHAT ITS FATE magazine


I would recommend this well presented blessed and much needed workshop to anyone wanting to get closer to their angels or those just starting out learning about them. This CD is a precious treat


1. Introduction to Angels by Jacky
2. Guardian Angels and Archangels
3. Communicating and working with the Angels
4. Grounding & Protection Exercise - inner sanctuary
5. Understanding messages and sign from the Angels
6. Automatic writing - exercise
7. Asking for Angelic protection, help, healing and guidance
8. Archangel Michael - exercise meditation & affirmation
9. Archangel Gabriel - exercise meditation & affirmation
10. Archangel Ariel - exercise meditation & affirmation
11. Archangel Rafael - exercise meditation & affirmation
12. Trust

 Written and presented by Jacky Newcomb

Music composed by Llewellyn from the album Crystal Angels
composed and performed by Llewellyn
All Vocals by Juliana and Llewellyn


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