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Anheng Fluoritt engel med kjede


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Anheng Fluoritt engel med kjede

Fluorite Angel pendant necklace.- Divine Angel Gemstone Pendant

NB! Kommer uten eske! Derfor redusert pris

Fluorite - Spiritual awareness 
Fluorite's clear energy helps us to ride the roller coaster of life while maintaining a clear spiritual awareness that there is, indeed, more to life than we can see with our eyes. It helps us to feel and know in confidence that there is a more spiritual nature to everything. Fluorite energy can help to open and keep open the channel to the spirit world. It can help stabilise chaotic situations because it helps us to realise that everything is developing, just as it is meant to, and that we are always in the most ideal place we could ever be in.

Because it can come in so many different colours that often mix together it has earned the name of the "most colourful mineral in the world".

Ritual- Before you go to sleep, write down 5 positive things you’ve experienced that day, from having a productive discussion with a colleague to baking a cake. Next hold your angel while giving thanks for those five things. This will help you to attract more positive things in to your orbit. Do it every night for a week and you should see some results in the coming month or so.

 Approx 2.5cm tall 

Comes with a white metal anti-allergic necklace in a transparent round box, with explanation sticker on the reverse side.

NB! bildet er eksempel, hjertene vil variere litt i størrelse, farger og mønster


fluoritt, regnbue
healende, kreativitet- og meditasjonssten, hjelper til å absorbere nye ideer, bringer orden til kaos, styrker spirituelle evner, renser og stabiliserer auraen, øker konsentrasjon, fokus og seksuell libido

chakra: hjerte, hals, tredje øye og krone



This angel has been expertly and skillfully carved out of a natural gemstone

The Angel is 25mm tall x 18mm wide

Complete with 18 Inch silver plated trace chain

The pendant is supplied in a round Perspex Gift Box


Product size is approximate and beacuse this is a natural hand carved gemstone product colour and size may vary slightly

Angels are messengers from the higher realm, ready to provide us with emotional reassurances and spiritual guidance. Angels help us connect with with our own guardian angel who gurad and protect us in all that we ask. This angel is carved from natural gemstone and each has its unique pattern and colour.


We have a range of pouches which compliment this item nicely. Click here to see our range.


Material Gemstone

Material Mineral

Size cm 2.5

Material White metal


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