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Anheng Helse, Overflod og Lykke sølv ring og rem


Anheng Helse, Overflod og Lykke sølv ring og rem

Health Wealth Happiness Silver Ring And Cord Set (Sterling Silver)

made from sterling silver with the detailed inscription 'Health Wealth Happiness' engraved the same way on either side of the ring.

Dimensions:The ring is about 2.5 cm. (1 inch) diameter. The ring comes on an extendable black nylon cord that can be at its shortest is 34cm. (13 inches) and can be (by sliding the small knots) extended to 68 cm. (26 inches).

We Say: The nylon cord is wrapped around the silver ring and can then be set to any length you wish making it suitable for all sizes. This ring has a good solid feel to it as a good amount of silver has been used in the making of this pendant.

Wearing this ring is a great way to have a constant reminder of your affirmations or empowering words for yourself or to give as gifts.

More About Peter Stone Jewellery
The Peter Stone Company purchases raw silver and produces their own true .925 sterling silver alloy in their own factory. All rings are cast to size and craftsmen cut and inlay each stone for a perfect fit. Every piece of jewellery created is hand polished not tumble polished, which leads to a high quality finish that is noticeably different.

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