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Armbånd - Yggdrasil Bangle


Armbånd - Yggdrasil Bangle

Yggdrasil Bangle

Stylish and elegant... for that finishing touch! 

plated with real silver
A fine set of bangle, jewelry and matching earrings. The green leaves of the Yggdrasil are in the shape of a heart and symbolize the deep connection between man and nature.
Zinc alloy.
Yggdrasil, the world tree, is in the nordic mythology a sanctuary, a mediator between the different spheres of existence. The roots stand for the underworld, the trunk for our earth and the branches for the heavenly spheres. It is not bound to any geographical location, rather it is said that these energies open up to those who seek their origin deep in their hearts. In it, wise people ask for healing, knowledge, strength and protection. 5

It is delivered in a beautiful gift box. with elastic band, ø 7 cm


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