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Armbånd Snekvarts 10mm kulearmbånd


Armbånd Snekvarts 10mm kulearmbånd - Snow Quartz Bracelet

Dimensions: Diameter of crystal spheres 10mm. 18cm med strikk

Snow Quartz from Brazil has a wonderfully smooth vibration, and is a nice addition to one's medicine bag. Snow Quartz is a delicate, translucent white form of Quartz. It is a member of the Chalcedony family, and is made of silica. It is a Cryptocrystalline Quartz and is found in Brazil, US, and Mexico.

Snow Quartz has a gentler, more soothing vibrational quality than Clear Quartz. It reminds us to look at the world through the innocent eyes of a child and remember that there is still wonder in the world. Native Americans attributed the snowy white Quartz to the Snow Moon (the full moon of January and February) and the North Wind. Keep a Snow Quartz in your car or carry with you during travels in snow.

The female version of Clear Quartz, Snow Quartz provides peaceful energies in a whirlwind environment. It offers clarity of mind and aides in studying, as well as a reminder to finish that paperwork. Often found in gold mines, Snow Quartz is often used for prosperity and luck.

Physically, Snow Quartz helps bones, teeth, bone marrow and the absorption of calcium. It can soothe those facing early menopause as well as those already dealing with the symptoms. Snow Quartz is also helpful for lactating mothers.


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