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Awake Your Magic Spirit Board By Anne Stokes


Awake Your Magic Spirit Board By Anne Stokes

An Anne Stokes Awake Your Magic Spirit Board featuring an owl in flight. The back of the board features a sentimental poem. Comes with a matching planchette and instructions. disharmony and stimulating the gift of prophecy. This spirit board is designed for light-hearted entertainment and is not a professional tool for making spiritual connections.


Anne Stokes is a fantasy artist whose early work has appeared in role-playing games, particularly Dungeons & Dragons


  • Material MDF
  • Packaging Picture Box (As Photographed)
  • Dimensions H:30.5cm W:39cm D:0.4cm
  • GiftBox Display Size H:3cm W:40cm D:32cm


Spirit boards are very powerful tools used to reach loved ones and spirit guides from beyond the grave. Very similar to a traditional Ouija board, our Angel Board user submits a question to the spirits, then uses the included angel wing planchette and instructions to yield a response in the form of letters A-Z, the words 'Goodbye', 'Yes', 'No', or numbers 0-9 that are printed on the board. The box and board feature the artwork of Anne Stokes, and a sentimental poem is featured on the back of the board.




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