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Aztec kalender sten messing anheng - Stone of the Sun


Aztec kalender sten messing anheng - Stone of the Sun

Symbol of Passing of Time and Performance of Eternal Life Truths

Aztec Calendar Stone, a great altar to the glory of life with astrological signs, directions of space. Enabled high priests to foresee times of planets orbits, the occurrence of eclipses and other astronomical phenomena useful for ruling over people. This calendar is considered the symbol and a talisman of passing of time and performance of eternal life truths. Knowledge of the calendar and its favor let effectively manage time thanks to proper action at proper time (foreseeing).

Size (cm): 2,5 cm (diameter)


Ancient Symbols

A selection of old magical and historical symbols from biggest cultures and religions of the Ancient World in forms of double-sided brass pendants. Each pendant is packed in a nice paper packaging, with the imitation leather cord and a leaflet, explaining its meaning.



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