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Benzoe Siam - Styrax tonkinensis - eterisk olje 5ml


Benzoe Siam - Styrax tonkinensis - eterisk olje 5ml

Benzoe Siam - Essential Oil 5 ml

-100% ren essensiell olje


-For romduft i en aromalampe eller en duftstein

-Balsamico, vaniljeaktig -Beroligende

Benzoe Siam
Stimulates creative being and mental abilities, therefore ideal for creative processes.
sweetish, vanilla-like.

cultivation: wild growth
origin: Siamese
content: 5 ml


 This very beautiful essential oil is deliciously fragranced and is 100% natural and pure, obtained only from wild plants harvested in the regions of Siam by means of a gentle extraction by alcohol. The quality of 'Berk' essential oils is recognised as soon as the small glass bottle is opened. While essential oils from other manufacturers often already resinate in the bottle and barely spread, the 'Berk' house attaches great importance to freshness and a natural extraction process. In fact this high quality essential oil comes from wild pickles, allowing you to use it safely for all sorts of applications such as aromatherapy or for the production of your own natural fragrances. The Siam Benjoin is distinguished by a very pleasant, balsamic and soft blend of vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate fragrances. This essential oil seduces the senses, is a wonderful fragrance of durable ambient space and a gentle fixator for the consolidation of other fragrances in the manufacture of fragrances. In short, an essential oil that we value and recommend at all times.

Styrax tonkinensis is a semi-deciduous tree with a dense crown, especially in young trees; it cn grow 6 - 30 metres tall. The bole can be free of branches for up to 20 metres and is 8 - 60cm in diameter
The tree is valued in Vietnam as a commercial source of pulpwood. It is also valued, especially in the highlands of Laos, for the gum resin obtained from its trunk. It has been planted in soil restoration and reforestation schemes in several other regions of the tropics.

Grows in Southeast Asia - southern China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand.




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