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beryll - blå akvamarin



beskyttende, spesielt for reiser, fremmer glede og kjærlighet, roende i stressende tider, hjelper deg  kvitte deg med unødig baggasje/gjøremål, fremmer mot og et positivt syn på livet, healende,foryngende

Chakra: hals


Beryll, Be3Al2(SiO3)6, er et mineral av berylliumaluminiumsilikat. Edelstenene smaragd og akvamarin er de to viktigste edelstensvariantene av beryll.


NB! Krystallene er naturlig, bildene er for ilustrasjon, størrelse, fasong og møster varierer. Bildet med krystaller i hånden er bildet av de vi faktisk har inne pr i dag


NB! Poser til dine krystaller finner du her : Krystall poser og utstyr og bøker om krystaller finner du her: Krystallbøker


Beryl is a aluminium, beryllium silicate.
Beryl is often unknown to the general public, even the gemstone-buying public. However, it is one of the most important gem minerals. Beryl is colorless in pure form; it is the many different impurities that give beryl its varied colouration. These impurities in beryl then become some of the world most popular and beautiful crystals for specimens and gemstones. The popular colours are Pink (Morganite), Yellow (Heliodor), Green (Emerald), Colourless (Goshenite), Blue (Aquamarine) and Red (Bixbite)


Beryl has a detoxifying, liver stimulating effect and has a balancing effect on the nervous system. It helps with short sightedness and any symptoms typical of constant stress.
Beryl aids the organs of elimination. Strengthens the pulmonary and circulatory systems. It increases resistance to toxins and pollutants. It treats the liver, heart, stomach and spine. It also aids concussion. Beryl crystal water will help throat infections if gargled. Beryl soothes after long term healing and emotional release work. It supports women during menopause.


Beryl helps with nervousness and emotional eruptions caused by excessive stress. It resolves issues that you may have with apathy or a lack of drive for life.
Beryl enhances courage, relieves stress and calms the mind. With Beryl's ability to filter out distractions and reduce overstimulation it encourages a positive view of the world. It reduces the need to over analyse things and helps you to not be overcome by anxiety. Beryl reawakens love for yourself and your partner. This stone calms and aligns the emotional body, assists in balancing sustained changes and energy expansions. 


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