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Blue Fire Soul - Suzanne Sterling

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Blue Fire Soul - Suzanne Sterling


When Suzanne Sterling sings mantras, she sings with an enormous amount of power and passion, not to mention a healthy bit of soul. Coupled with her invigorating background instrumentation, her chants intoxicate the listener and sweep them up in a whirlwind of spiritual ecstasy. On BLUE FIRE SOUL, the "Urban Priestess" conjures a fiery collection of vibrant mantras that were specifically designed to enhance yoga practice. The arrangements frame Sterling's voice in a lush collage of tabla beats, uplifting keyboards, guitar, bansuri flutes, and synth grooves, making for songs that would be equally at home in a trance dance context. The music bears an 'East meets West' flavor, mixing influences from both regions, as well as a variety of tempos (some slow and meditative, others aggressive and energetic) and a blend of acoustic and electric instrumentation.

 1. Saraswati [Slow River Dee 
 2. Nataraj [Dancing in the F 
 3. Om Mane Padme Hum [Secret 
 4. Devakyam [Divine Mystery] 
 5. Govinda [Praising Union] 
 6. Kali Durge [Wheel Turning 
 7. Bliss Ma [Lullaby] 
 8. Sivasana [Surrender] 
 9. World Without Churches [B 
 10. Jai Ma [Freedom Song] 


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