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Buddha Statuette Medicine - Bhaisajyagura


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Buddha Statuette Medicine - Bhaisajyagura 


Bhaisajyagura is known as the Medicine or Healing Buddha, also named the surgeon.
In his right hand he is holding a mystical plant, the so-called "fully blissful Myrobalan". In his left hand he has a medicine bowl, filled with ambrosia, producing a part of a myrobalan.
Medicine Buddha stands for neutralising the three mental poisons: greed, hated and blinded, and also re-balancing the body fluids air, gall and mucous.
By meditating on the Medicine Buddhas virtues, it is possible to generate a powerful therapeutic force, as a tool to heal oneself and others.
It is believed that an efficacious healing is achieved just by touching the image.
Material: white alabaster with resin. 

Properties Product 14994

  • Dimensions± 9 cm

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  • Spirituality
        > Buddha Statues



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