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Buddha Touching the Earth - Buddha figur


Buddha Touching the Earth - Buddha figur

Buddha Touching the Earth -- 10x7.8x17.8cm

Detailed statue of the Historical Buddha with the hand gesture of touching the earth, the well-known Bhumisparsha mudra. Suitable for indoor use.

Bhumisparsha mudra - touching the earth
The Buddha, more specifically, the historical Buddha Shakyamuni, is traditionally depicted while seated with his right hand placed over the right knee, touching the ground with his middle finger,  the left hand can be seen with the palm upright in his lap. This hand gesture or mudra, represents the moment of the Buddha's awakening as he claims the earth as  witness of his enlightenment.


Material: polyresin

Properties Product

  • Dimensions 10x7.8x17.8cm
  • Weight 406 g

Categories Product 

  • Statues
        > Buddha statues


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