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Chakra Pendant - Sacral Chakra "Svadhisthana" 925 Silver


Chakra Pendant - Sacral Chakra "Svadhisthana" 925 Silver

with Carneol Moon

Sacral Chakra "-Svadhisthana"- Devotion, sexuality, satisfaction

  • Made of 925 silver with carnelian
  • The sacral chakra represents sexuality and dedication
  • It strengthens our creativity and inner satisfaction
  • With carnelian moon
  • Made by hand

Diameter 18mm, with carnelian, 7mm, without silver chain

The themes of the umbilical chakra

* Sexuality and reproduction
* deep contact with feelings, pain, grief, emotions of all kinds.
This intensity of feeling has a transformative effect on people.
* Body awareness and a sense of what it needs

Questions about awareness: yes / no

* Do you experience a fulfilled and happy sexuality?
* Are you in good contact with your body's needs?
Do you give your body what it demands, e.g. exercise, food, drink, fasting, rest?
* Are you in good contact with your feelings and do you take your feelings seriously?
* Do you allow yourself to live your emotions?

If you answered "no" to one or more questions, the navel chakra is blocked.



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