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Cherokee astrology - Raven Hail

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Cherokee astrology - Raven Hail

Animal Medicine in the Stars

The sacred Cherokee astrological system is based on a 260-day calendar with 20 day signs and 13 numbers. Raven Hail translates the traditional ephemeris into an easy-to-use format so readers can determine which signs and numbers rule the day of their birth.


Explains the ancient astrological system sacred to the Cherokee and how to use it in the modern world 

• Provides easy-to-use format for determining what signs and numbers rule the day of your birth and what influence they have on your destiny 

• Includes a traditional Cherokee ephemeris through 2015 

An essential aspect of Cherokee religion is the belief that everything on Earth is the reflection of a star. This includes not only people and animals but also trees, rivers, stones, and mountains--all sentient beings to the Cherokee. Astrology has always played a strong role in the Cherokee tradition because of this belief, but unlike our Western system of astrology, Cherokee astrology is based on a 260-day Venus calendar, which includes 20 individual day signs and 13 numbers. It was the task of the Cherokee daykeeper to coordinate this calendar with those of the Sun and the Moon to determine the most auspicious times for ceremonies as well as to understand the star wisdom carried back to Earth by each newborn child. The day sign of a child explains his or her strengths and weaknesses; the number explains the individual’s role in the great cosmic scheme. 

Raven Hail, an elder of the Cherokee nation, provides insightful descriptions for each of the twenty signs that identify characteristics of those born under a particular day sign and gives the meanings of the thirteen numbers that determine the significance of that sign in the larger scheme of life. The author has translated the traditional Cherokee ephemeris into an easy-to-use format that allows readers to quickly determine which sign rules the day of their birth and which number has influence over it

Pages : 176

Book Size : 6 x 9

Format : Paperback Book

Illustrations : 1 b&w illustrations

Raven Hail (1921-2005) was a member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. She was the editor of The Raven Speaks, a monthly journal of Cherokee culture, and also wrote The Raven's Tales, WindsongThe Pleiades Stones, and Cherokee Astrology.


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