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Cobra - Magnificent Incense Burner Brass engraved Røkelseholder


Cobra - Magnificent Incense Burner Brass engraved Røkelseholder

height 20 cm

Cobra engraved in solid brass. The cobra censer is approx. 20 cm high. Bowl from the censer approx. 10 cm in diameter.

Fill the censer with sand and place a glowing charcoal tablet in the sand in the censer.

As soon as the charcoal tablet turns whitish in the censer, you can start smoking.

The decorative insence holder can of course not only be used as a censer. The vessel is also very beautiful with a candle.

Small irregularities (not exactly straight at the top) in the shape and workmanship are normal. So the vessel can differ slightly from the photo.

Incense Burner used for burning incense on glowing charcoal, giving a verypleasant fragrance produced which harmonises your house.
But it is more than just a pleasant smell.
In the church incense is used to adulation of crosses, candles and creditors.

  • Made of massive brass
  • Can be used for fumigations as well as candle holders
  • Fine engravings
  • filigree handcraft

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