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Dolphins, ETs & Angels - Timothy Wyllie

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Dolphins, ETs & Angels - Timothy Wyllie

Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences

Swim with wild dolphins and learn how to listen to their quiet tendrils of telepathic communication. Encounter an ET and learn how to remain calm and casual while talking to such a presence. Most of all, expand and extend your consciousness to encompass the new energies sweeping our planet, heralded by angelic forces.

Pages : 240

Format : Paperback Book



Timothy Wyllie

It is with sadness that we report the passing of author Timothy Wyllie on Wednesday, October 4th. Born in 1940, Timothy was a great soul, forever changed by his near-death experience in 1973. A former member of the Process Church known for his appearances on Hamilton's Pharmacopeia on Viceland Video, he spent the years after his NDE studying communication with non-human intelligences, such as Dolphins, ETs, and Angels. 

As a musician, Timothy was known for what he called "Bozon Music," improvisational jazz-like shamanic music of the heart. He was also an artist, creating his own sacred landscapes, which were featured as color inserts in his books.

Safe travels on your next journey, Timothy. You were a guiding light for all rebel angel incarnates on Earth, and we will continue your mission. May you and Georgia dance together in the Multiverse!


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