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Dragon's Blood Røkelse Incense resin 90 g 


Dragon's Blood Røkelse Incense resin 90 g 

Incense resin Dragon's Blood -- 90 g

To be used in charcoal burners, and on our special incense burner sieves. In those burners, the burning process will be slower than on charcoal. You may readily mix this incense with other kinds, provided you will use a slightly larger burner.
Available are also a fitting pair of tongs to safely kindle the charcoal, another pincer for picking up the sieve, a wire brush for cleaning the sieve, and a wild turkey feather for dispersing the scent.

Ingredients: Frankincense resin, dragon's blood essential oil.

Drageblod røkelse

Rökelseblandning. Drakblodets färg är glänsande mörkröd. Enligt gammal tradition har den använts i ceremonier för att neutralisera negativa energier. Oftast blandas den med andra ingredienser eftersom den ensam ger ifrån sig en väldigt stark, mörk rök. Drakblod sägs förstärka den renande effekten av Frankinsense och doftar skarpt och kryddigt.

Dragon Blood, powder

Dragon Blood s color is deep red and shiny. According to the ancient lore of incense, Dragon Blood has been used in ceremonies to neutralize negative energies. Mostly it is mixed with other substances, because burnt by itself it creates a strong, dark smoke. Dragon Blood is said to intensify the purification effect of Frankincense. The resin, while burning, emits a tart and spicy fragrance.

Note: Please carefully close the jar after usage, as otherwise the powder may attract humidity and harden.


The burning of herbs and resins in different ways belongs to many old traditions in our world. Here, fire has a transforming and conveying effect. While burning, heavy material is transformed into smoke, which carries the essence to a finer level. This way, a connection with higher and finer levels is made. 
The sense of burning incense was and is to connect our earthly mind with the perception of less denser, invisible spheres.



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