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Erkeengel røkelse 7 forskjellige dufter


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Erkeengel røkelse 7 forskjellige dufter

7 Archangel Incense Assortment 5 Josticks Pack per Archangel

A great range of angelic or chakra incense with an array of unique aromas, in pretty and colourful packaging. Burn them to create calm and relaxation or to energize and balance the body and mind. You will also find gorgeous glass incense holders in many different designs.

This is an assortment of incense sticks featuring Archangels

Packed in a giftbox are 7 packs (each displaying their own archangel: Michael, Jofiel, Samuel, Gabriel, Rafael, Uriel, Zadkiel) containing 5 josticks each. 
Assortment weighs approximately 50 grams.

A box containing seven packets of archangel incense sticks, one for each day of the week. Each has a different fragrance chosen for that particular day, and the individual packs are printed with pictures representing the archangels and, on the back, the name of the archangel and an invocation.

On the back of each pack it also tells you what fragrance it is. There are detailed pictures of all the packaging to be found on the image carousel.

Each pack contains five sticks of high quality, hand rolled incense. The price is for the box, containing the set of seven packs.


Røkelse er et av de mer vanlige magiske verktøyene, brukt til alt fra enkle meditasjoner til forseggjorte ritualer.



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