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Eske - Anne Stokes box 13x13cm


Eske - Anne Stokes Immortal Flight box 13x13cm

Immortal Flight

Nydelige eske med motiv laget av Anne Stokes

Black Gothic design Artwork by Anne Stokes

Mål (cm): 13x13x7

Anne Stokes is a world-renowned Gothic and Fantasy artist that pushes the boundaries of art and creates the most sort after mystical imagery. Her ranges include fierce Dragons, protective Wolf companions and majestic Unicorns, emblazoned on playing cards, transferred onto purses and immortalised in resin. Each of her pieces has a different spirit, meaning that finding one to suit your style is simple!  

Immortal Flight Purple Art Tile Wooden Trinket Box with Hinge Anne Stokes

• This Immortal Flight Fairy Art Tile Decorative Jewelry Box measures 2 7/8" High, 5 1/8" Long and 5 1/8" Deep approximately. It weighs about 1 pound.
• This Immortal Flight Fairy Art Tile Decorative Jewelry Box is made of wood, painted in sleek black. The image is heat sublimed onto a designer tile.
• In an enchanted forest at night, a young Fairy kneels in front of a still pool as the moon shines through the trees. Her blue and purple wings are unfurled behind her, matching the blue butterflies that flitter around. Her green dress is sleeveless, exposing her Celtic tattoos and silver torcs above the fingerless leather gloves she wears.
• Her straight black hair has blue streaks through it and hangs down as she reaches out to a human skeleton, barely submerged in the pond. Light shines from her hand as ripples spread outwards from whatever dark magic she's performing, and if her wings are inspected closely a large death's head is visible.
• Jewelry placed by the decorative box is not included with the listing. It is meant to provide size perspective of the item.




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