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Essential oil chakra 5 Vishudda – 5. Chakra (Throat Chakra)

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Essential oil chakra 5 Vishudda – 5. Chakra (Throat Chakra)

Fiore d'Oriente Essential chakra oil, prepared following the ancient principles of natural holistic medicine. Regular use harmonises the energetic system, giving a stable vibration to our psycophysical system.

Packaging: Glass bottle in cardboard box.
Made in: Italy.

Product specifications
Vishudda essential chakra oil 10 ml 
100% natural ingredients
With a mix of essential oils and cold pressed Jojoba oil
For external use

Made in Italy

Essential Chakra oils

Essential Chakra oils are prepared following the ancient principles of natural holistic medicine and are made with highest quality essential oils, mixed with cold pressed Jojoba oil. The Chakra oil vibrations are of great value owing to the complex preparation process. The regular use of chakra oils (2-3 drops where needed with a light massage) harmonises the energetic system. These oils can be used also on the sole of your foot (the first chakra) and on your ankle (the second chakra).
Moreover, chakra oils can also be used on your forearm in order to give a stable vibration to our psycophysical system (aromatherapy).



Product specifications

Content 1x 10 ml

Vishudda – 5. Chakra (Throat Chakra).
Vishudda is the introduction to the wonder and mystical, since it is dominated by the ether element. Its motto: "Speak and create".

Andre oljer i samme serie som også kan bestilles som et sett (som avbildet), eller enkeltvis:

Muladhara – 1. Chakra (Root Chakra).
Muladhara stands for Foundation, Security and Habit. 

Swadisthana – 2. Chakra (Sexual / Sacral Chakra).
Swadhisthana stands for Feeling, Desire, Creation. 

Manipura – 3. Chakra (Navel Chakra).
Manipura represents energy and willpower, with the feeling of control and coordination.

Anahata – 4. Chakra (Heart Chakra).
Anahata represents love and awakening. Anahata embodies the opening of feelings and compassion, and pure ability to love.

Ajna – 6. Chakra (third eye / brow chakra).
Ajna stands for intuition, wisdom, identity. The union of opposites.

Sahasrara – 7. Chakra (Crown Chakra).
Sahasrara represents transcendence and is also called the "Tenth Gate".


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