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Feet in the Soil - James Asher

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Feet in the Soil - James Asher

Feet in the Soil is an uplifting celebration of danceable energies centered in the earth. Rhythms of an infectious, hypnotic and tribal quality provide the frameworks for the music, which draws much inspiration from Aboriginal and African lifestyles. James Asher has written and composed many beautiful pieces for Aura-Soma, inspired by his association with Vicky Wall in the early days of Aura-Soma. Although James is well known in the ambient ‘New Age’ music field, he is a drummer! His first instrument is the drum and this collection shows his rich feel and love for the diverse indigenous rhythms of this planet. So, get to it! Kick off your shoes, and get your Feet in the Soil.


Customer Reviews

This CD really has a good rhythm that will get anyone stamping their feet. I use this for Dance classes and it gets everyone moving. It has an earthy feel to it; almost tribal“.

Yow! What a fabulous, pulsating, thickly percussive journey this one turned out to be. Drawing his inspiration from African drumming and Australian Aboriginal chants, James Asher has created an enjoyable hybrid. The sizzling rhythms and drumbeats are sure to continue for years to come.Reproduced with permission from the New Earth Records web site.

Track Listings

1 Pemulwuy
2 Ijeilu
3 Return To Egypt
4 Tantango
5 Send In The Drums
6 Earthsong
7 Red Rhythm Dragon
8 Cooking It Up
9 Heathaze
10 Ocean Of Dreams
11 Pemulwuy Returns


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