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Feng Shui Speil - Qilin


Feng Shui Speil - Qilin

Feng Shui mirror Qilin
Chinese straight Feng Shui mirror with heavy brass frame. Straight mirrors always attract energies.
They amplify this energy and send it out again like a boomerang. This potential can be used by paying attention to what is opposite the mirror. A beloved symbol, a beautiful landscape or a powerful image can greatly increase its energy if a mirror is placed opposite. The frame shows the 12 Chinese signs of the zodiac.
On the back of the mirror is a Ba-Gua cast in the middle of which is a Qilin ;. It is also called the Chinese unicorn. It symbolizes goodness and humanity and strengthens loving, harmonizing vibrations. 5

In Feng Shui, mirrors are used for protection and to ward off evil. It recognizes itself in them and takes flight, so that negative influences are dispelled. They also have an activating and expanding effect and can direct and balance the flow of energy. In the fairy tale the mirror stands for truth and knowledge.

On the back of the mirror there is the relief of bagua and qilin.
L: 38 cm, Ba Gua: ø 10 cm


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