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Finding Our Way Home - Diane Cirincione and Jerry Jampolsky

Finding Our Way Home  - Diane Cirincione and Jerry Jampolsky

Inspirational Stories That Ignite Our Spiritual Core

From the bestselling authors of Love is Letting Go of Fear, this inspiring book reveals the experiences that have taught and inspired the authors. Written in their vulnerable and honest style, they reveal their life purposes in the choices they make and the lessons they've learned. 'Each day still provides challenges and circumstances that call to those parts of us that want to judge others or ourselves,' they write. 'What is different now is that we more quickly recognise when we're lost and the choice we have to return to the path of unconditional love. Once we remember that our purpose is service and helping others, as well as letting go of our judgements and grievances by practising forgiveness, the path is easier, the direction clearer, and the destination of peace achievable.'

'In my world, no one has more moral authority than Diane Cirincione and Jerry Jampolsky. Everything about them - from kindness, to their marriage, and now to this highly important book - inspires me to higher heights.' - Marianne Williamson, the bestselling author of A Return


Gerald Jampolsky, M.D., is a graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine and is a child and adult psychiatrist. He founded the first International Center for Attitudinal Healing in 1975. There are now Centers and groups located on five continents offering free psychological, emotional, and spiritual support for children and adults facing crisis/growth situations-including life-threatening illnesses, caregiver issues, and relationship challenges-as well as a host of other services.


Diane V. Cirincione, Ph.D., is a therapist, businesswoman, international lecturer, and author/co-author of several books. In addition to holding master's and Ph.D. degrees in clinical psychology, she also has a B.S. in organizational behavior. She has founded and owned four companies and has worked with Jerry since 1981, responding to requests from around the world to adapt Attitudinal Healing to diverse, culturally appropriate situations.