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Fjær stor Kalkunkondor- Large Turkey Vulture Feather Fan


Fjær stor Kalkunkondor- Large Turkey Vulture Feather Fan

Cathartes Aura (Turkey Vulture) Smudging Feather Fan

These beautiful feathers are collected from Turkey Vultures raised in South America, they are all natural molted feathers, so no birds are killed for their feathers. 

You can use smudging feathers for clearing a space, banishing negativity and for use with burning sage to fan smoke (prayers) up to the Great Spirit.

Cathartes Aura was the totem familiar of the Egyptian Goddess Mut, and symbolized prophecy of the future, new vision, protection, renewal, resourcefulness, opportunity, and allegiance. Use these meditations in peace.

Made From:
These are molted Turkey Vulture feathers (also known as Cathartes Aura), completely natural (i.e. Not dyed). The leather lacing is made from deerskin. 

Size of Feathers
Approximately 18-23 inches long.

Symbolism of the Turkey Vulture
Some of the main traits Turkey Vultures carry with them include watchfulness, intelligence and cautiousness. They are natural born hunters and have the ability to spot prey from far away. They evaluate situations, attempting to make the best possible moves and avoid getting caught by other predators.

So how does this reflect as a totem? Traits associated with the totem include intelligence, tolerance, calm, introspection, shrewdness, being analytical and evaluative. 

Like the Turkey Vulture, you have an analytical nature, assessing your situation, standing back and thinking on a decision instead of rushing in. You enjoy internalizing ideas and being introspective meaning you may find it hard to discuss the mundane. Your calm and collected nature means you find it easy to organize and keep a disciplined approach to life. 

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