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Flower Fairies Straw Beaker-blomster alver kopp med sugerør

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Flower Fairies themed melamine beaker with fun twisty straw! 

Colourful, unbreakable Flower Fairies collection for the little ones
Beakers, Plates, Mugs and Bowls - create a collection that your kid will love and will be happy to sit at the table with.
Good for the garden and inside

Size: 66(d) x 155mm

This beautiful Flower Fairies partyware based on the charming illustrations of Cicely Mary Barker will add a touch of nostalgia and sophistication to your fairy party.

About Flower Fairies™
  Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairies™ books, published in the first half of last century, are known and loved around the world. 

They were created by a quiet, unassuming and dedicated artist, who was nevertheless remarkably successful, spending her life illustrating many children's books and selling hundreds of watercolours and pastels. Today, almost thirty years after her death, her work continues to offer delights that have stood
the test of time.


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