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Forest of Enchantment Tarot - Lunaea Weatherstone - Tarotsett

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Forest of Enchantment Tarot - Lunaea Weatherstone - Tarotsett

By (author)  Lunaea Weatherstone , By (author)  Meraylah Allwo

The Forest of Enchantment Tarot is a gentle and pretty reimagined tarot of the archetypal dark woods of fairytale and folklore legends. The 78 borderless cards are beautifully detailed and packaged in a box set with a full companion book.

Once you step into the enchanted wood, your life—and your spirit—will never be the same. The forest is alive with magic: wise ancient trees, glowing blossoms, crystal caves, and forbidding thickets of thorns. Here you will meet witches and wizards, faeries and elves, birds and beasts both earthly and otherworldly, ghosts and shape-shifters, dancing princesses and sad old knights. As you wend your way along the twisting woodland paths, finding adventure at every turn, the old tales come to life. In the Forest of Enchantment, you may seek your fortune, quest for success, and live happily ever after.

  • Through the Forest of Enchantment tarot card, you will get acquainted with the magical wisdom of the tarot card, integrate fate with a powerful source of subtle energy, and weave the ending of fate. Contains 78 divination cards.
  • Each card represents a meaning to help you predict the future and some positive destiny guidance. Turn stress into a positive attitude. Make life better.
  • Exquisite and compact card design, you can play with friends during a long trip. It is an excellent game choice for you and your family and friends.
  • You can explore yourself or help others. Through the guidance of romantic angels, you can get valuable guidance from these cards. Take you to experience a world full of love.
  • For those who like mystery, this will be a perfect gift. At the same time, it is also very suitable as gifts for holidays and birthdays, and can also be collected for tarot card lovers.
  • 240 pages
  •  140 x 203 x 53.34mm

About the Author

LUNAEA WEATHERSTONE (Portland, OR) is a priestess, writer, teacher, and tarot counselor. As Grove Mother for the Sisterhood of the Silver Branch, she offers year-long programs in goddess spirituality. Lunaea has been working with the tarot for more than forty years. MERAYLAH ALLWOOD (Suffolk, UK) is an illustrator and artist who creates fine art paintings as well as book jacket illustrations, oracle decks, tarot cards, and calendars.






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