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forstenet tre


forstenet tre

lærer oss tålmodighet, støtter tidligere liv arbeid, gjenskaper kontakt med naturen, den jordende energien hjelper oss leve som spirituelle vesener i den fysiske verden, respektere og ta vare på naturen

Chakra: rot



Grounding, Strength, SupportPrimary Chakras: Root, Sacral
Astrological Signs: Leo, Virgo

Tumbled Petrified Wood: Also known as Fossilized Wood, Petrified Wood is wood that has been covered with fine silicon sediment after the death of the organic material. This process allows all the form of the wood to be preserved. Recall the famous Petrified Forest in Arizona.

Full of earth energy, Petrified Wood is a wonderful grounding stone. Petrified Wood helps in realizing the wisdom and lessons of the past. Using petrified wood is also helpful for anyone who's work or hobbies revolve around studies of ancient things. Also use tumbled Petrified Wood when working with past life issues, to open up to information from the Akashic Records. Petrified Wood is often used for channeling nature spirits, and is said to be an aid to those who champion the environment, to recognize better methods of dealing with the powers that be. 

Petrified Wood is a stone of evolution and ascension. Many use tumbled Petrified Wood when working on their own spiritual growth process. Tumbled Petrified Wood is often used to contact the spirits of the deceased to bring aid, guidance, or comfort to the living. 

Physically, tumbled Petrified Wood is said to help all types of healing, and especially any issues associated with age, such as Alzheimer's, osteoporosis, and arthritis. 


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