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Gaia Speaks- Solutions for a Small Planet - Pepper Lewis


Gaia Speaks- Solutions for a Small Planet  - Pepper Lewis

(Volume 1)


Gaia says: "As you read through these pages, some messages will stand out more than others. It is likely that you will hear my voice speaking directly to you and through you. When this happens, let your imagination stoke the bonfire of truths that was born within you long ago. Like a flame that cannot be extinguished, you will reawaken long-forgotten memories and movements of the soul. You will revive and regenerate moments, such as the one when your soul selected this life as potent and pivotal—a bright light against a dark backdrop.

"Humanity is not in a freefall or a tailspin, and Earth is not inside out or upside-down, yet there is not a moment to lose, for life is long, but time is short."

Subjects include:

  • An Entity and Channel Interviewed
  • Making Sens of Surplus Wisdom
  • Keeping It All by Giving It All Away
  • A Soldier's Story
  • Spirit and Gender
  • Finding Your Spiritual Family
  • Dimensions Beyond Death and Rebirth
  • The Global Warming Phenomenon
  • Swine Flu and the Future of Viral Biology




Pepper Lewis is a natural intuitive, a gifted channel, and a recognized writer, speaker, and teacher of metaphysics. The unique and distinctive channeled messages brought forth by Pepper have become favorites of readers all over the world. Most popular are the featured articles authored by the sentience of our planet, Mother Earth, affectionately known as Gaia. These messages frequently appear in a variety of publications, including the Sedona Journal of Emergence! They are also a favorite with many websites and news groups. Pepper is frequently featured on radio and Internet broadcasts including, The Great Shift, with Reverend Fred Sterling.

Pepper is the founder of The Peaceful Planet, an organization dedicated to relating to our environment and the world around us in a way that embraces and projects balance, integrity, peace, and harmony. The Peaceful Planet offers inspirational products and services designed to empower, assist, and educate. Seminars, lectures, and workshops are ongoing as time allows. Inquiries regarding scheduling an event in your area are welcome.


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