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Goddess Inspiration Oracle - Collectors item - Kris Waldherr


Goddess Inspiration Oracle - Collectors item - Kris Waldherr

Enrich your life with the wisdom and guidance of the Divine Feminine. Renowned for her superb goddess-themed artwork, Kris Waldherr has created a visually stunning and easily accessible goddess oracle. From Abeona to the Zorya, eighty goddesses from across the globe are represented in this sumptuous deck. Each of the eighty cards features a striking portrait of a deity, her attributes, and an empowering message inspired by her unique story. The Goddess Inspiration Oracle is an ideal instrument for creating affirmations, sparking creativity, gaining fresh perspectives, and uncovering insights related to love, health, creativity, motherhood, and other issues specific to women. The accompanying guidebook offers an in-depth description of each goddess, associated keywords, and practical instructions for working with the cards.


  • Item Length 5in.

  • Item Height 1.6in.

  • Item Width 5in.

Goddess Inspiration Oracle Review by Bonnie Cehovet

The "Goddess Inspiration Oracle" kit consists of an 80-card deck of oracle cards based on a Goddess theme, a 120 page companion book (the "Goddess Inspiration Oracle Guide"), and a lovely gold colored organdy bag to act as a home for the cards. As always with Waldherr's work, I am in awe!

The artwork for this deck is based in part on Waldherr's book "The Book of Goddesses", which is not only an outstanding work of art, but also the result of serious research. The 80 Goddesses presented in this deck are representative of diverse cultures and traditions, and form a highly usable tool for accessing the divine feminine within. They include well known figures, such as Athena, Isis, and Venus, as well as lesser known figures, such as Abeana (Goddess of departures), Baba Yaga (Goddess of Change), and Glispa (Goddess of healing).

Waldherr indicates that the majority of the art included in this deck was created for the tenth-anniversary edition of the "Book of Goddesses". Other art appeared in her earlier works, including "Sacred Animals", "Persephone and the Pomegranite", and "The Lover's Path Tarot". While some of the Goddess paintings were reproduced in the "Goddess Tarot", they are presented here in a different format.

The companion book has a full color cover, featuring a feminine figure in a red dress on the front cover, and a back cover in gold with spiral-like figures on it, with a Moon Goddess in the center. In her introduction, Waldherr defines inspiration as taking spirit into ourselves. She goes on to say that inspiration opens up possibilities beyond what our rational mind can perceive. Goddesses through the ages have been known for their ability to encourage inspiration … what we have here is the wisdom of the Divine Feminine acting as a gateway to inspiration.

I found it interesting that Waldherr defines oracles as being both the vehicle for the message, and the message itself. Waldherr sees her messages as offering creative solutions, Whereas one of her previous works, "The Goddess Tarot", offered wisdom through the venue of Tarot, Waldherr see the "Goddess Oracle" as opening this knowledge to those who do not necessarily work with Tarot. I am blessed in that I work with Tarot and non-Tarot oracles, and can appreciate, as well as reap the benefit from, all of Waldherr's work. Incredible artistic talent, combined with a bent for serious research, is a trademark for Kris Waldherr!




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