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Goloka 10ml Eucalyptus Essential Oil - Eukaluptus eterisk olje


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Goloka 10ml Eucalyptus Essential Oil - Eukaluptus eterisk olje

A 10ml bottle of 100% pure high quality eucalyptus essential oil from Goloka. Can be used in a variety of ways including diluting with water and using in oil burners, diffusers or humidifiers, or mixing with a carrier oil and using as an aromatherapy treatment. Always dilute with a carrier oil for massage and skin treatments. Avoid contact with eyes and broken skin. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.


Goloka Natural Essential Oil
from the Maker of Goloka NagChampa

  • Scent: Eucalyptus
  • Botanical Name: Laurus nobilis
  • Packaging: 10ml. / 1/3 oz. in each bottle
  • For Aroma Therapy Use Only
  • For External Use Only
  • Made in India

EUCALYPTUS Natural Essential Oil

  • Promotes Good Sleep
  • Promotes Harmony & Reduces Stress
  • User Instructions Sheet included in each pack

Cools the body in summer, protects and heals in winter, energetically stimulating and balancing, and a potent natural force.

About Eucalyptus Essential Oil: The healing power of this oil is broad and wide-ranging. Try its effective potency if you are feeling emotionally overloaded or unable to concentrate. An essential addition to your first aid kit, keep eucalyptus on hand for all winter ailments, respiratory concerns and those nagging aches and pains.

Description of Aroma: Balsamic and camphorous, this distinctive scent is piercingly fresh, clear and sharp. (Radiata has citrus notes, specifically a lemony aroma.)

Ruling Planet: A little professional confusion about this. Robert Tisserand says Saturn, other sources state either the Sun or Jupiter, while Wanda Sellar claims it doesn't have one. 

Properties Beneficial To The Mind, Emotions And Spirit: Refreshing, balancing and stimulating, eucalyptus can help you deal with emotional overload or mental exhaustion. It increases concentration, logical thought processes and intellectual abilities - perfect if you are feeling sluggish or have little intellectual enthusiasm. It cools the emotions, clears the head and strengthens the nervous system. It might just be the perfect early morning wake-up call to help you get through a busy day. 

Of Interest: In Greek, eu - kalypto means 'well' and 'cover', referring to the covered stamens and buds. In archaic times it was called 'fever tree', and Eucalyptus globulus is the beloved and renouned 'gum tree'. Native to Australia, eucalyptus has long been considered a cure-all by native Aborigines who called it 'kino', and applied the leaves to help heal severe wounds. Later its effectiveness was discovered by the white settlers and it is now used world wide. It was listed in the 1885 edition of the British Pharmacopoeia. 

Among the tallest deciduous trees in the world, some species reach over 400 feet tall. They grow rapidly and the wood is highly resistant to rotting. Being deeply rooted they require large amounts of water, and are therefore ideal to clean marshy swamp areas and rid them of mosquitos. Fifty pounds of plant material yields only one pound of oil. In Spain the wood is used in timber production. Eucalyptus comprises over 75% of the tree population in Australia, and the Blue Mountains of New South Wales are so called because of the extraordinary blue haze exuded by the eucalyptus gum's resin, enveloping the entire landscape. The adorable little koala bear feeds exclusively on the leaves, which can also be made into tea. Australians smoke the leaves like tobacco to help alleviate asthma symptoms. 

There are hundreds of varieties of eucalyptus, although only about 15 yield a valuable oil. Eucalyptus radiata is often the oil of preference for aromatherapists because it has a pleasant smell, is more easily assimilated by the body, and less likely to irritate the skin. It has a long tradition of uses in medicine, particularly as a traditional treatment for malaria. Interestingly, a mixture of just 2% eucalyptus oil evaporating in an aroma lamp will kill 70% of staphylococcus bacteria in a room. 

The oil has been distilled since at least 1788, when two doctors, John White and Dennis Cossiden, prescribed it for chest problems and colic. Around this time it was introduced to Europe as an ornamental species, and was found to inhibit the growth of other plants in the vicinity by excreting a poisonous chemical into the earth. The first eucalyptus oil exported to England (distilled form Eucalyptus piperita) was known as 'Sidney Peppermint', due to its soothing and healing action on digestive complaints. 

A German botanist and explorer, Baron Ferdinand von Muller, was the director of the botanical gardens in Melbourne from 1857 until 1873. He is responsible for introducing eucalyptus trees to the rest of the world. Nowadays it is widely utilized in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically for commercial chest rubs and cold remedies, and also in veterinary medicine. The oil prohibits the spread of the cold virus by chemical reactions producing ozone, a gas in which bacteria cannot survive. It is also used during operations for washing out surgical wounds to prevent infection, and in post-operative dressings. 

Eucalyptus oil is becoming a popular additive to sauna and spa products, and can be sprinkled on the sauna coals (diluted, as essential oils are flammable) or added to the steam room water heater. 

Properties Beneficial To The Physical Body: This oil possesses many qualities, including being a powerful antiseptic, antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal agent. Especially useful for pulmonary and urinary concerns, it is notably effective for respiratory problems, especially flu and tuberculosis, as it increases the oxygen supply by activating red blood cells and regenerates lung tissue. (Please see note about asthma in Essential safety section below.)Eucalyptus lowers blood sugar levels and aids diabetes, plus it may help dissolve gallstones. Also soothing for aches and pains, including migraines, neuralgia and rheumatism, this oil reduces fevers and helps with diabetes as it lowers blood sugar levels.

It calms sunburn by aiding the construction of new tissue, and is beneficial for acne, facial blemishes, skin ulcers and dandruff. It is also apparently helpful for insect and snake bites.

Eucalyptus Oil Blending Suggestions: Eucalyptus can overpower and dominate a blend, so it is advisable to add it to essential oils which contribute to the desired effect. Alternatively use it sparingly with any of the following: Basil, cajeput, cedarwood, cypress, rosemary, niaouli, pine, hyssop, bergamot, angelica, juniper, lavender, lemon, verbena, balm, benzoin, coriander, lemongrass, melissa, chamomile and thyme, with which it shares many similar properties. 

Alternative Suggestions For Use: An effective gargle and mouth spray, also add eucalyptus to anti-dandruff shampoos, or use as a deodorant. It is an effective insect repellent, especially when blended with bergamot and lavender, which can also deter dog fleas. It is said to remove tar from skin and clothes.

Essential Safety Precautions: Avoid this oil if you have high blood pressure, oestrogen dependant cancer, epilepsy, or if you are taking homeopathic medicines. The fumes are extremely potent, so use very well diluted for young children as it may cause choking. Even in adults breathing the fumes too close from the bottle may trigger the coughing reflex, so also avoid during an asthma attack. However inhalation may help prevent attacks. This oil is toxic if taken internally, however many authorities advocate its safety for neat external use.

Do not use essential oils undiluted or take internally without the guidance of a qualified practitioner. The information contained here is for general interest and is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment.


Eucalyptus - Clearing, purifying, stimulating, penetrating, medicinal 
Eucalyptus essential oil has a distinctively piercing, fresh, clear and sharp scent. It can help cool the body in summer, protect and heal in winter, is energetically stimulating, balancing, and an effective potency if you are feeling emotionally overloaded or unable to concentrate.


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