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Gratulasjonskort- Bryllupsdag: Forever Love Greeting Card

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Gratulasjonskort- Bryllupsdag: Forever Love Greeting Card

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Let someone special know your appreciation for them with our range of specific occasional cards.

 A colourful Anniversay card with a verse all about Love. Vibrant colours and top quality art are the unique features of Tree Free greeting cards that will draw your customers in. Colours and art which can also be found on the inside of the card and on the envelope!

Front of the card: Love... Wait for it. A gentle love, a tender love, a passionate love with big plans, an everyday love with quiet moments. a love born of trust and faith...

Inside the card: ...a together forever love. Happy Anniversary

Tree Free cards are made of hearty uncoated, 100 % post consumer recycled paper. They feel right since they are so much kinder to the environment then traditional greeting cards.

cards with full colour 'designed-to-match' eco friendly envelops.
Each card measures 178 X 127 mm (7 x 5 inches)

Tree-Free - Recycled Cards & Paper Products 
All Tree Free cards and envelopes are made from either 100% renewable non-paper products like Kenaf or Sugar Cane or 100% recycled paper or FSC certified mixed sources and are printed on with soy-based inks which are cleaner for the environment.

By using kenaf they support farmers and preserve valuable animal habitat. In addition, kenaf uses no harmful chemicals in processing and is fully recyclable. They say, "We imagine a day when no trees are cut to make paper. Our cards are one small step in that direction - helping our forests to stay tree-full."


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