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Gratulasjonskort- Josephine Wall Call of the Sea Blank Greeting

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Gratulasjonskort- Josephine Wall Call of the Sea Blank Greeting Card

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Josephine Wall. The enchanted universe collection is inspired by Josphine's love of nature and her passion for surrealist art. Most of her designs are available with inspiring words as well as without words.

The Card offers a beautiful envelope to match, a message of kindness and the story of the Mer Angel inside.

Dimensions: 13.8cms x 18.5cms
This beautiful greetings card has the stunning artwork of Josephine Wall on the front and the following description of the picture on the back:

This card has been left blank inside for your own message.
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Call of the Sea
From deep below the waves, a beautiful goddess rises from her watery home to make music on her enchanted conch shell. As she plays, a stream of oceanic wonders pour forth. Mermaids and seahorses swim among the myriad of fishes that head for the blue depths, accompanied by playful dolphins. The mighty city of Atlantis is found again, and mystical galleons once more set off on their journeys of discovery.


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