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Gratulasjonskort- Littel Kootenai Dancer - Birthday Greeting Car

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Gratulasjonskort- Littel Kootenai Dancer - Birthday Greeting Card 

Golden Feather Greeting Card from Leanin' Tree by Denton Lund

Size of Card: 118 x 170mm 

Message Inside Reads:

Wishing you a day 

of joyful celebration

Happy Birthday

About the Artist

Karen Noles paints exquisite portraits of Native Americans which seem to stnad still in time. She tries to convey in her work "the emotions I fell in being a living, breathing part of the West's history and legacy." Noles works in oil, with gerat depth and richness to her paintings. Knowing even as a child that she wanted to be an artist, Noles moved very quickly from formal art training to working as an illustrator of greeing cards. Eventually she left the city and, with her family, settled in the vast, open spaces of the  West. Noels strives to catch her subjects in that moment when they are "in perfect harmony with nature". This, she feels, enables her to pursue her goal, which is to capture the subtleties of the Western heritage,  "as well as its awesome beauty and grandeur. "

More About Leanin' Tree
Leanin' Tree is a family owned company in USA which has some wonderful artists designing greeting cards for them. Their cards are high quality, having beautiful printed envelopes and also designed insides of cards.

* All of their cards and envelopes are printed on premium quality recycled paper. All cards are Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF).
* They use "Zero VOC" vegetable-based soy inks that are formulated without petroleum solvent.
* They plant trees to compensate for their carbon emissions from our manufacturing process and have a comprehensive company recycling programme. They also invest to conserve resources by having motion sensors, lighting upgrades, thermal equalizers, waterless urinals and underground irrigation systems at their company.

Their long-standing commitment to the environment is central to their company ethos.


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