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Gratulasjonskort- Nene Thomas Land of Myth Blank Greeting Card

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Gratulasjonskort- Nene Thomas Land of Myth Blank Greeting Card

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Tree-Free - Tree-Free is better than recycled* - The production of Tree-Free paper uses less water, no chlorine or harmful chemicals, & requires less energy. Tree-Free uses paper from sustainably harvested sources like kenaf, sugar cane and bamboo, as well as from post-consumer recycled paper.

Sweet-Paper™ cards and envelopes are made from 50% Sugar cane bagasse and 50% recycled fiber, including 30% post-consumer. Sugar cane bagasse is a waste product of the sugar refining industry; it is the fibrous material remaining in the sugar cane after the sugar is removed. By using this waste product as paper pulp, they are putting to good use a product which would otherwise be land-filled!

*Buyer Beware: Unless it says post-consumer recycled or Tree-Free, "recycled" paper may legally contain a high content of wood fiber from virgin forests and/or unsold "pre-consumer" waste. Such paper is bad for the environment. 

Greeting Cards measure 7" x 5" and are blank inside for your own inspirational words! An envelope accompanies each greeting card and are just as artistically beautiful as the card itself!

Dimensions: 13.8cms x 18.5cms
Nene Thomas
Romantic Fantasy Artist


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