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Handleveske - Gothic Prayer Shopping Bag


Handleveske - Gothic Prayer Shopping Bag

Measurements 40x35

Material Plastic

In this era where we are becoming more and more aware of environmental issues, and where shops no longer give out plastic bags for you to carry your purchases, everyone needs to own a shopping bag. You might as well pick one that suits you, that fits you and that you really like, instead of having a bag with the nearest supermarket logo on it.

If you are into gothic, or a fan of Anne Stokes, this beautiful bag is made for you. It features on both sides the gorgeous Gothic Prayer artwork by fantasy artist Anne Stokes, with also a small design on the sides. A must-have for fans. A stunning and "green" present for gothics.


Anne Stokes ’Artwork

As a fantasy artist, best known for works that appeared in the role-play Dungeons & Dragons, Anne Stokes enjoys international fame. Her art ranges from lovely fairies to impressive dragons, and from mystic to gothic. This praying girl with a rosary in her hands is beautiful in her simplicity.



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