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Heart as Wide as the World - Krishna Das

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Heart as Wide as the World - Krishna Das

For Krishna Das, music has always been a large part of his life, helping him to work through rough patches and challenges. Presently, as one of the leading kirtan chanters in the West, he has found the healing spiritual power that exists in Sanskrit mantra chant. However, before his embrace of Eastern music, he found great joy and catharsis in rock music. HEART AS WIDE AS THE WORLD synergizes those two musical forms to maximize the bliss of chant and the elation of well-crafted pop/rock music. The songs are all call-and-response style kirtan chant performed alongside an enthusiastic audience. The opening track "My Foolish Heart / Bhaja Govinda" is the album's best example of cross-genre merging, with Krishna Das' mix of lyrical song and chant augmented by energetic guitars mixed with Indian instruments. Other songs, like "Sitaram" and "Narayana / For Your Love" are more Indian-focused, but still utilize Western-based rhythms, violin and guitar in their arrangements.

 1. My Foolish Heart/Bhaja Go 
 2. Narayana/For Your Love 
 3. Hallelujah Shri Ram 
 4. Heart as Wide as the Worl 
 5. Shiva Puja & Chant 
 6. Sitaram 
 7. By Your Grace/Jai Gurudev 


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