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In The Garden Of Souls - VAS


In The Garden Of Souls - VAS

Heavenly Voices & Percussion At Its Best


About the Band:

Vas is a world music / heavenly voices band based out of Los Angeles, California. Formed in 1995 when vocalist Azam Ali and percussionist Greg Ellis met at UCLA, Vas is frequently compared to Dead Can Dance. It is a fair comparison, as most bands in this genre tend to be labeled as "like DCD", but Vas has a much more spiritual (or meditative) quality that is centered on Ali's wonderful voice. The emotional music is very powerful and humbling with Ellis's drums and other traditional instruments providing the perfect backdrop for Ali.

About the Album:

In the Garden of Souls is Vas's third album. I bought this album based on the many positive reviews here on amazon, and I'm very glad I did. Like many bands in the heavenly voices genre, ambient music often is underexposed and I think underappreciated. The album is very consistent, with most of the tracks featuring Ali's soft vocals and all of the tracks are blessed by Ellis's and Ali's percussion. The diverse list of percussion and bell based instruments used in the album include: hammered dulcimer, tanpura, frame drums, rigg, udu, Fabla, dumbek, Nagara, cymbals, and various bells. I enjoy listening to the hour-long album in its entirety.


In The Garden Of Souls 10:26
Inamorata 4:50
Samaya 6:07
Prayer For Soheil 5:04
Ceremony Of Passage 3:44
Beyond Despair 1:37
The Inward Coil 5:11
Éphémère (Upon The Faded) 6:23
Lila 5:26
Unbecome 6:11
Sevdama 7:32


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