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Invoke The Gods - Kala Trobe

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Invoke The Gods - Kala Trobe

Exploring The Power Of Male Archetypes

Explore the power of male archetypes by calling upon the energies of specific godforms. This guidebook and companion volume to Invoke the Goddess shows you how to activate a positive and powerful connection to fifteen gods from three different pantheons—Hindu, Greek, and Egyptian—with ritualized meditations and visualizations. ·To increase initiative-elicit the dynamic energy of Hermes ·For greater power-invoke the might of Zeus ·For career success-seek the business savvy of Ganesh ·For magickal prowess-call upon the prophetic wisdom of Thoth The gods live in our very midst, inside as well as outside of our own psyches. Invoke the Gods presents the history, lore, and instruction you need to incorporate their archetypal powers into your life.
Kala Trobe (Somerset, UK) is a natural psychonaut and explorer of mythology, religion, symbolism, and magick. A keen astral and global traveler, yogini-in-training, and student of life's many Mysteries, Kala has written sixteen books on ancient deities, modern sexuality, spiritual potential, witchcraft, and the occult.
Paperback, 232 pages


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