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Journey: Best of Adiemus - Karl Jenkins

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Journey: Best of Adiemus - Karl Jenkins

Product Description

19 of the group's best world-music tracks including Adiemus; Cantus Inaequalis; Kayama; in Caelum Fero; Hymn; Cantilena; Cantus-Song of the Trinity; Cantus-Song of the Plains; Elegia; Chorale VI+Cantus-Song of Aeolus, and more.

Karl Jenkins's mix of classical orchestration and world-music elements first gained notoriety through a Delta Airlines TV commercial. The female choir singing faux African chant and the bright, uplifting music resonated with viewers, making the album Songs of Sanctuary an enormous commercial success. Jenkins followed up with Cantata Mundi, and Dances of Time, also bestsellers. Now the Higher Octave label has compiled the best of this electronica artist's Adiemus projects with The Journey. Full of Jenkins's sweeping orchestral sounds, pseudo-ethnic chant from Miriam Stockley and friends, and layered world rhythms, this album acts as a great introduction to this unique New Age music. --Karen K. Hugg

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Adiemus
  2. Cantus Inaequalis
  3. Kayama (Radio Edit)
  4. In Caelum Fero (Radio Edit)
  5. Hymn
  6. Cantilena
  7. Cantus - Song Of The Trinitiy (Edit)
  8. Cantus - Song Of The Plains (Edit)
  9. Elegia
  10. Chorale VI + Cantus - Song Of Aeolus
  11. Chorale I (Za Ma Ba)
  12. Cantus - Song Of Tears (Edit)
  13. Rain Dance (Edit)
  14. Ein Wiener Walzer (A Viennese Waltz)
  15. Corrente (Courante)
  16. Zarabanda (Saraband)
  17. La La La Koora (Landler)
  18. Beyond The Century
  19. Adiemus (1999 New Version)


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