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Kinesisk Lykkemynt messing anheng - Chinese Coin of Happiness


Kinesisk Lykkemynt messing anheng - Chinese Coin of Happiness

Amulett for rikdom, formue, suksess, velvære og lykkelig liv

For Wealth, Fortune, Success, Well-being and Happy Life

Former pattern currency that existed before monetary system. It was an honorable distinction for those of noble birth for outstanding deeds for the country and community. Receiving of such distinction was connected with appreciation and social promotion, privileges and better material position. After paper money had been introduced (about 16th Cent.), such coins become a rarity and had been kept to bring luck. It is still used today as Feng-Shui remedy in energy arrangement.

Size (cm): 2,5 cm (diameter)


Ancient Symbols

A selection of old magical and historical symbols from biggest cultures and religions of the Ancient World in forms of double-sided brass pendants. Each pendant is packed in a nice paper packaging, with the imitation leather cord and a leaflet, explaining its meaning.



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